Just a Regular Person

‘There will be huge shifts in the way musical events would be organised and every artiste will be affected in some way or the other’

(Urvashi Bhattacharya )

The Art of Culture

Almost every guitarist from North-east India has plucked those ambient riffs and pieces from “Syndicate” or “Dadhelo” and emulated those distinctive enunciations, to experience what is called “Bipul da feels” and I am no exception.

(Staff Writer)

Gangtok Syndicate

The artist and songs of our time could have a variety of definitions, yet there are those that 50 years down the line will say 'Those were the songs of our time'.

(Pankaj Dhungel)

विपुल क्षेत्रीको सङ्गीत

प्रसिद्ध गायक विपुल क्षेत्री एकताका अंग्रेजी गीतमा आफ्नो भविष्य खोजिरहेका थिए। कसरी उनी नेपाली गीत गाउन पुगेँ? उनको गीत कसरी बन्छ र आफ्नो सङ्गीतको सम्बन्धमा उनी के भन्छन्? एक अन्तर्वार्ता

(Shreejana Shrestha)

Bipul Tugs At All Our Heartstrings On New Song

It’s no secret that Bipul is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, and that is pretty much the focus of this track. His voice is absolute butter and he has a cadence with his lyrics that lands softly and almost quietly. His control over his voice is impeccable here.

(Madhusudan Raman )

In Conversation

EastMojo editor-in-chief caught up with the singer Bipul Chettri before his performance at the North East Festival held at Indira Gandhi Centre for Arts and Culture, New Delhi

(Karma Paljor)

The Music Teacher Creating Ripples

Delhi-based folk singer Bipul Chettri is a rage among Nepali-speaking communities. It comes as no surprise that he’s mobbed at concert venues for selfies by his army of supporters.

(Andrew Amsan)

Music on a

Mountain High

His is an amazing story, no matter how many times he has narrated it. A story about this man, who grew up in Darjeeling with his guitar and his music, and three years ago, quietly popped out his debut song Wildfire and later an album Sketches of Darjeeling, becoming one of the most popular independent musicians in the country, known for his Nepali folkish sounds.

(Staff Writer)

How Bipul Chettri’s Hillside Idiom is Going Places

Looking back, it does seem that his wishful chant of “home calling, home" on his first album, backed by wah-wah pedal guitar effects and a loopy didgeridoo, set the agenda for Chettri’s music—global in its musical skin, looking inward at its core.

(Shamik Bag)

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