Gahiro Gahiro

‘Gahiro Gahiro’ is a piece that attempts to grasp one’s frailties, to look beyond basic relationships and accept dualities of human nature.

Life brings challenges in several different ways. The fragile yet beautiful human relationships than tends to bind us sometimes confronts us with trials and tribulations of their own which tests our resolve while trying to mend these complications. 

Bipul Chettri - Vocals, Guitars.
Nawahineokala'i Lanzilotti - Cello.
Aman Singh Rathore - Drums, Percusions.
Rohit Prasanna - Irish Tin Whistle, Bansuri.
Recording & Mixing – Anindo Bose (Plug N’ Play Studios, New Delhi)
Mastered by Donal Whelan (Mastering World, U.K.)

Lyrics & Composition & Arrangement - Bipul Chettri.
Artwork – Manohar Rai.
Music Partner - Tuborg.
Executive Producer - Sonam Tashi.