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Grammy Voting Member 2023-24

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We've all grown up watching the Grammys. To continue to be a part of this Recording Academy as a Voting Member is exciting to say the least. I'm honoured to be a Voting Member for 2023-24 and join the countless creators and professionals who serve, celebrate and advocate for our music community.

Thank you.

Bipul Chettri


Songsmith Bipul Chettri crafts a patient, adorned and sagacious EP with Samaya. (Rolling Stones Magazine)

His lockdown EP ‘Samaya’ is without doubt one of best collections of indie songs this year. (Rock Street Journal)



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Bipul’s new EP, ‘Samaya’ (which means time, period or juncture) is in a nutshell, a collection of trips his mind sauntered off on when the world went into lockdown mode in that period of quiet, loneliness, despair and disillusionment. It is a fully stripped down, acoustic and organic set of five songs written and composed while he, just like the rest of us, was physically cut off from the rest of the world.


All songs have been performed on a single acoustic guitar, sometimes accompanied by another instrument, if at all. While circumstances might have dictated the need to go a little ‘naked’ in production, the absence of veneer and gloss only serve to help each song grab your complete and undivided attention. So that when Bipul sings about the spaces where he wandered off to, it becomes the story of your journeys as well.

All songs written, composed and arranged by Bipul Chettri

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Plug ‘N’ Play Studios by Anindo Bose

Cover artwork & design by Manohar Rai

Liner notes by Nima D.T. Namchu

Producer – Bipul Chettri

Executive Producer – Sonam Tashi

All Rights Reserved by Bipul Chettri. 2021.


Sketches of Darjeeling (Vinyl)

Limited Edition of 500 Copies Only.

Colour- Translucent Orange

Cover - Gatefold with Lric Sheet and Liner Notes

Speed - 45 rpm / Size - 12"

Pressed at - Europe

Pressing - Direct Metal Mastering (DMM)

Only available to order in India, Nepal and Australia.


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